Art Block

I don’t know if you have heard of ‘Art block’ before, if you did then very good, but I’ll explain it anyway. One of the toughest times (if I may say so) an artist can go through, it’s when you run out of ideas, and even if you know you have to draw, you can’t… because your motivation is ‘NONE’ …

So next time when you hear somebody saying ‘I have an art block’ you know what it means.

Anyway, when I approach those times, or if I feel like i’m close, I take a piece of paper and doodle, without thinking (doodling by definition is scribbling absent-mindedly but yeah .. This helped me a lot (it still does) because through doodling I empty my mind of everything, I put all I have, what I think and feel on that piece of paper without realizing. 3 minutes in and I stop, put my pencil/pen (whatever I am using) down and go outside or listen to some music for another 10 minutes. After those 10 minutes, I come back and look at that page on which I’ve been doodling, and start guessing what those lines mean.

And so, I get over my lack of motivation or creativity (in other words my ‘art block’).

B.t.w. new painting from my ‘Hy.’ series is on the way!!

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